What does Love Look Like?

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We have two types of love. The first one is physical, and which is necessary but not genuine. It’s temporary. We can even call it a superficial type of love. Contrary to what we think, this type of love will not last forever!

***So ladies…if you’re planning to marry someone just because he is tall, dark and handsome…and for the guys….just because she is slim, fair and pretty, you may want to think again.***

The second type of love is a more genuine approach, one that can last an entire life time! Love the qualities of your spouse. Their ethical, moral and spiritual features. Fall in love with their Akhlaq, humbleness, humility, generosity, warmth, humour…and smile. Smiles can take away stresses of the day!

When looking for a spouse, pray to All-h. “Oh All-h I have decided to get married for your sake because you have instructed us to get married. Oh All-h I will take care of my spouse because you have asked me to do so.”

Allow the love of All-h S.W.T. to dominate your marriage.

Video Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPr8gbwSO9I

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