Sometimes…just say a little prayer

Last week I was having a lovely drive to work on a pleasant Spring morning. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was a slight breeze. My windows were open and everyone and everything looked to me like they were happy and smiling…like me!!!

Then I arrived at my usual parking spot, signalled right and stopped but did not turn off the engine as a taped up sign caught my eye on the parking meter. (Now this parking spot is part of a regular 2 lane road which technically becomes one lane when cars are parked there) I read the sign which stated something like, “Emergency Notice by Police. No Parking.” So I waited in my car, and tried to think about where I was going to park now, knowing that parking at that time in that area left me with very limited choices.

As I sat there thinking, I noticed a car in my rear view mirror, coming up fast behind me,  with the driver honking loudly and continuously, and throwing his hands in the air! He waited a few seconds, changed lanes, drove up beside my car, stopped, (He had a lady in the passenger side who was looking down), did a few more hand gestures..well more like finger gestures, and continued driving, honking all the way until he turned into another road.

I sat there in the car, no longer thinking about where I was going to park, but was this necessary? Was it my fault? Should I have turned off my engine? Should I have put my hazard lights on? Should I have moved by car right away when he honked?

And then I thought about him…Was he getting late? Was he misled by my indicator signal? Did he just have an argument with his wife? Did he just find out that someone in his family had died?

I turned off the car, put my hazard lights on, and did a small prayer for them.

Then I felt a sadness in my heart when I thought of the times I had snapped back at my husband when he was in a not so pleasant mood because of something that may have happened at work or somewhere else, and how he would try and tell me his issue, and I would just snap back at him for messing up my mood…which supposedly may have been perfect until he came home. And how I had told him not to bring any of his so called problems home!

I realized that my husband is human, so of course he will have challenges at work and elsewhere like we all do…and he probably wanted to tell me his issues so I could be a listening ear and be someone who can support him. From now on, I will think before snapping back at him, and wonder what he must have gone through and be going through.

I said a little prayer for my husband and thanked God that he had blessed me with an opportunity to become a better person that day!

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