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1. Can you provide more information on how this site works as I am very skeptical about it?

Yes Certainly! That is totally understandable. This site is a unique concept but we know many people often feel undecided or unsure about new things. However, we have tried our best to set up an innovative system whereby we can help you find your soul mate! Click here to find out more about our process.

2. Who are your services offered to?

We are currently only able to offer our services to attendees of Jamaats affiliated with the World Federation of KSIMC.

3. What is a matchmaker?

A matchmaker is someone who connects people for the intent of marriage.

4. I am worried about my information being shared with people I don’t even know.

You are probably referring to other matchmakers, contacts or potential soul mates. We have to share your basic information, often your age, profession and city of residence. That is one way a person can decide if they would consider connecting initially. Of course sometimes we will share your information first, other times we will share your potential soul mate’s information with you first. This is usually at the discretion of the matchmaker.

5. What if you suggest someone to me, and I don’t want to connect with them?

No problem. If you know right when we contact you that the suggested person is not your type (remember don’t judge too early though) then we will not put you in touch with each other. Even at some point during your interactions/communications, if you feel uncomfortable with the person you are corresponding with, let us know. Keep us informed and stay in touch so we can better guide and assist everyone!

6. What if someone ‘rejects’ me?

This is often referred to when someone no longer wants to communicate…or did not want to communicate in the first place. That’s fine…don’t take it personally. You know you are a super person! You just didn’t fit in with someone else’s requirements…That’s all!

7. What do you suggest to increase our chances of finding a soul mate?

The first and foremost thing is to have trust in The Almighty All-h and pray! Visit the useful links page to access some amaals/info for finding your soul mate insha All-h. The second thing is to ensure you have filled out all your information on the site with total honesty so we can Insha All-h try our very best to connect you with someone compatible.

8. Can we see other people’s profiles on this site?

No, you cannot browse through other people’s profiles on this site.

9. How do we register?

Simply go to the register section.

10. What type of questions should we ask when we initially communicate?

Of course you can ask anything you wish as long as it is within the jurisprudence of Islamic Shariah, and will help you better decide whether this person would make a suitable spouse for you! We strongly advise you to be respectable and considerate. However, we understand that you may be unsure of what questions to ask someone you have never met before…so we have prepared some questions to help you out. Click Here

11. What if I am not comfortable filling out the registration form?

That is totally understandable. You may be concerned about your information being viewed by others over the internet. Alhamdulillah, we were able to invest in a SSL certificate to ensure the security of our website so that you can feel comfortable when completing forms through our site.

SSL Certificate

12. Can you help me find a wife for the purpose of a temporary marriage ?

Absolutely not! We only focus on helping single men get married, who have the intention of a life commitment to their wife Insha Allah!