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heart-icon   “Alhamdulillah, I would like to thank SM for their work in connecting me and my fiancee; it has been a wonderful experience that exceeded my expectations and we are both very excited for what is to come.

The service was very straightforward and transparent, I completed a brief form online and then talked with someone from SM on the phone to go over additional details to introduce myself and clarify my preferences and vision. I appreciate their multiple efforts to reach me after their original messages unfortunately went into my spam folder. Getting the chance to communicate with them on multiple occasions helped me get comfortable with the program and to gain trust in the match – not that I doubted the program, but it gave me confidence that they were diligent with my case and that it would work out.

From there, I think everything was handled in a very organized and clear manner. They informed me of their intention in reaching out to my now fiancee’s family when they had her as a match in mind, informing us at each step what they would be discussing with the other party, and also confirming what we were comfortable sharing with them at each step along the way. This was helpful since of course I didn’t know what to expect and what the process is like.

Of course things were a little a slow and awkward in the beginning between my now fiancee and me as we didn’t know where to start having never communicated before. I’m not sure if having some sort of profile would have helped, but I think equally not knowing much about one another forced us to be curious and ask questions, and also prevented false first impressions.

My advice is to create a connection somewhat based on curiosity and asking questions – we were genuinely intrigued to learn more about each other and so most of our conversations in the first few weeks were questions regarding future vision, religion, activities, lifestyle, etc. Even seemingly vague or questions that are hard to put into words like “What do you believe to be a successful life?” or “What do you like about Islam?” are useful because it helps to see the other person’s thought process and perspectives.

Although it might be daunting, it is useful to have the perspective that this is set up for marriage, and so it’s not just about liking the same activities or foods, but also having a similar thought process and priorities. If both people are serious about learning if the match can lead to marriage, it’ll be easier to openly talk about these things.

I remember my mom also spoke with SM when we considered a proposal. To be honest I don’t quite know what the conversation was about but I’m glad they accommodated my mom’s request as it definitely made her more comfortable.

Overall, my experience with the program has been overwhelmingly positive!”

heart-icon“Companionship is one of the sweetest blessings from Allah (swt); when you wish to grant all the wellness in the world, to another loving soul. We cannot thank enough the SM team for uniting us. This process is extremely hard and often discouraging, but having someone understanding as the SM team gave us both hope that this was possible. May Allah (swt) reward you abundantly for providing opportunities to our community members in finding their soul mates and completing half their imaan.”

heart-icon“I am so glad that you are part of this noble cause in trying to match the partners in marriage for our youths.  This is the sunna of our Prophet a.s. and the rewards are ample.”

heart-icon“I have never joined a site for match-making. I just never thought that was the way I wanted to do it. However, I know and understand that this site works differently. Since you’re the middle person, makes me feel a bit comfortable instead of “grocery shopping” as some other sites promote. This way seems a lot more ideal.  Jazakallah for your help. Allah (swt) is the best of planners. Thanks again :)”

heart-icon“A friend referred me to this site and having navigated through it I registered immediately. I think it’s a great initiative taken by the people involved as it’s a much needed service to the community and a great way to help those looking to get married to find a connection through a third party. May God reward those involved and bless the marriages.”

heart-icon“May Allah (swt) abundantly reward you. Thank you for introducing us. Wanted to let you know we just had a beautiful baby boy!”

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